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  • The flannel shirts

    Made with a twill weave, the tissue of the flannel shirts is exceptionally warm and acts as a thermal insulator. Among its characteristics there is a strong resistance and softness that make it particularly suitable to be used on trousers, jackets and shirts. Flannel and wool are warm and versatile tissues, capable of some informal refinement too and of a cut for a clothing that is certainly casual.

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    01/27/2017 20
  • The black shirts

    The black shirt is an extraordinary garment that, in the recent times, has gained a first position within the male wardrobe. A style icon, it is suitable for all the periods of the year and it is perfectly presentable on several occasions, from the most classic look to the most eclectic one .

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    01/27/2017 36
  • The shirt with cufflinks

    When we buy a shirt, the details always make the difference. Collar and cuffs are a very important detail of style and they are often the only things of the shirt that we can see. Cufflinks are defined as two double ornamental buttons that are used to close the cuffs in a French style, that the French call "the musketeer style" and the Italians call "double".

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    01/27/2017 35
  • The slim shirts for men

    The term "camicia" seems to have been already used at the beginning of the seventh century in the testament of the Patriarch Fortunato to his believers, where he talks about camisas et bragas. Despite its birth is rather ancient, the importance of this garment grew in the Baroque period when, for the first time, the tie was invented, almost immediately adopted by Parisians as a style model.

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    01/27/2017 38
  • The Oxford shirt

    The English town in the county of Oxfordshire is not only known for its prestigious university, or for its devoutly industrial character. To increase its fame, there is the famous Oxford tissue that has fascinated, attracted and drawn the attention of the man committed to quality for a long time.

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    01/27/2017 40
  • Striped shirt

    The revolution has stripes and passes by the shirt. It is wrong to think about the striped shirt as a garment suitable only for the most formal occasions. Nowadays, stripes and colours are really fashionable, and they leave the old symbol of the dressing sporty to become the emblem of a sophisticated and amusing taste. Big, small, white, black, red or even yellow, today the stripes are a garment that must be present in the male wardrobe. If you are looking for something sober and with a classic taste, there are striped shirts that can enhance the most refined dress and ensure an impeccable outfit for the most informal occasions.

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    01/26/2017 34
  • The white shirt

    A perfect evergreen for every occasion, the white shirt for men is indispensable for an always fashionable and perfectly impeccable look. The basis for the men’s fashion passes through here and a garment in this colour must be always present in your closet: it allows you to dress with care and elegance in both informal occasions and in professional situations or important ceremonies.

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    01/26/2017 36
  • The button down shirts

    Born from the USA inheritance born of the polo, worn by the polo players of the nineteenth century, it has become a real image of style and elegance thanks to the work of Ben Sherman. The button-down shirt, initially only in cotton, radically changed the way of dressing, becoming with the passing of time an icon for all the generations that love the smart casual clothing. It is also the collar that defines the style of the shirt and with respect to the button down, we usually divide the shirts in four different categories: standard, low, high, and high with two buttons.

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    01/26/2017 31
  • French collar shirt

    The France or French collar, which in France is called "Italian-styled", has several names but common characteristics: very large and open points that create a perfect collar for important and voluminous tie knots. Also called Cutaway Collar or Windsor, from the Duke's name that made it well-known to fit the famous tie knot, in Italy is traditionally called Scappino, from the Piedmontese company that was its great promoter. The shirt with a French collar is particularly suitable for all those who want to dress in an elegant and formal manner.

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    01/26/2017 38
  • The denim shirt

    It was worn by the most famous American actors, from the westerns made in the USA to the most popular action films: the denim shirt for men is a timeless icon, today available in many different models, patterns and colours. If the denim shirt for men is a garment that cannot certainly be missed in your collection, the same is true for the woman, who can have fun with many different combinations.

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    01/25/2017 32
  • The unmissable Black Friday of 7camicie

    The Black Friday of 7camicie is coming once again!It’s an unmissable event for those who want to start the Christmas shopping season benefiting of this offer! It’s known that the Christmas shopping period is an awaited moment but sometimes it causes anxiety and stresses people, especially if it is concentrated in the days before Christmas. For this reason it would be better if you start thinking about the Christmas presents, looking for convenient ideas and preserving quality.

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    11/15/2016 1028
  • Tuxedo shirt: how to choose the right model

    The charm of the tuxedo can’t be told: everyone has in his eyes the memory of an image of a unique and timeless elegance. It rarely happens to wear it because it is for very formal and special occasions, certainly not daily but unique and precious. That’s why it is necessary to have clear ideas on how to wear it and to know the rules of style to match it perfectly with the shirt and also with the rest of the clothing. Jacket and trousers, for example, must be always black and can have black satin inserts. You can use a black satin band or a waistcoat with a flared collar and in the same tissue of the tuxedo. The shoes, instead, should be simple, in leather or black paint, accompanied by strictly black socks.

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    10/27/2016 280
  • Buttoning of the shirts for men and for women: why is it inverse?

    Buttoning of the shirts: a spontaneous gesture that we make every day without asking why the "direction" of the buttoning is different for the two sexes. In the garments for women, the shirts buttons are located on the left side of the garment, while for the male garments, they are on the right side. But why? There are several historical reasons for which it was originally made this choice. Let's discover them. In the case of the stronger sex, the simplest explanation is that the clothing of the wealthy men often included a weapon. Most of the men held the sword with their right hand, and it was more comfortable and quick to use the left hand to unfasten the buttons.

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    10/27/2016 1024
  • Hawaiian shirts, a summer passion

    Among the summer shirts, how is it possible not to reserve a special place for the Hawaiian shirts? Colourful, exotic and fresh, they are the symbol of a summer characterized by relax and carefreeness. But do you know that the history of the Hawaii shirt dates back to the first years of the twentieth century? Well, a Japanese merchant who immigrated to Honolulu created the first floral shirt, also called "Aloha shirt", which obtained a great success among the island's inhabitants, the tourists and the surfers.

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    10/27/2016 251
  • How to distinguish the tissue of the shirts?

    Sometimes, by wearing a shirt, we experience a total and gratifying comfort, given by the particular type of tissue. But how to recognize it in order to distinguish it from the others? 7camicie offers every kind of tissues, to allow its customers a great freedom of choice. A brief guide will allow you to orient among the several tissues proposed by 7camicie in order to have clearer ideas before making your purchase!

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    10/27/2016 534
  • How to fold a shirt

    We would all need some useful tips to fold a shirt! Sometimes this action could take more time than the ironing! Of course, because no one would want to find his own ironed shirt with horrible creases caused by a quick and awkward bending and, at the same time, we would like to optimize the space inside our wardrobes! Then let’s follow, step by step, these simple and useful tips:

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    10/27/2016 243
  • Let’s learn how to recognize quality shirts

    For a distracted eye, the shirts for men seem to be all the same. But what a difference for those who can recognize the quality shirts through some unmistakable details! 7camicie can help you to identify them to make a right and aware purchase! First of all, let's start from the tissue: it's easy to recognize the quality shirts by touching them and above all if they are worn, since they give that feeling of comfort and lightness that will hardly deceive. The most precious tissue for the elegant shirts for men is the Poplin (fresh, light and slightly shiny) while for the casual ones we can find for example the Oxford (with a thicker weave) the denim and the linen.

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    10/27/2016 265
  • : Short-sleeved shirt, summer look between fit and comfort

    The short-sleeved shirts are a valid alternative for the men and the boys who choose a refined look, even in summer. It is a trendy shirt, very youthful and fresh that 7camicie proposes in many versions and countless colours. It is a summer shirt to discover, enriched by details such as patterned inserts and buttons, innovative collars and cuffs that give ample space to the sartorial originality of 7camicie! Obviously, depending on the body shape you can opt for a slim version of the short-sleeved shirt for men, which enhances the waist and gives a sunny and fresh appearance; or a classic version for those who choose a summer shirt for their business appointments, or for a more informal look, maintaining a vigorous and sprint look.

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    10/27/2016 229
  • The checkered shirt for men for a fascinating and glamor look

    The checkered shirt has always been a symbol of a very practical clothing, aimed at activities undertaken outdoors. Let’s think about, for example, certain professions such as the woodcutter, the mountaineer, the hiker and the skier who made the checked shirt their emblem. But the plaid shirt doesn’t express only a great and profound empathy with the nature that surrounds us, it can in fact be much more, that is an absolute trendy and chic garment to wear with originality. For a look that doesn’t pass unnoticed, the checkered shirt for men should be worn unbuttoned, so as to give a glimpse of a white or solid t-shirt, and combined with light jeans for a vintage effect. You should avoid short trousers and other patterns or plaid fancies. It is better to prefer neutral colours that highlight this particular garment.

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    10/27/2016 237
  • The cotton fibre

    The cotton, for its characteristics of resistance, breathability and lightness, appears to be the prince tissue between the shirts tissues. Cotton is a natural textile fibre of vegetable origin, obtained from the cotton plant: at the moment in which the fruit reaches its maturity, the seeds are surrounded by a thick white down that is extracted through the spinning process. The cotton fibre can also be subjected to several interventions, such as the combing, which increases the resistance and gives the yarn a shiny and slightly hairy aspect; the mercerization, that makes it more brilliant and ready for the dyeing. Subsequently, the yarns are joined by means of torsion, the process that creates the thread.

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    10/27/2016 261