The black shirts

The shirt plays an important role in the clothing of a man and is very often the core of his whole outfit. Most of the time, the details define the style of the shirt: collar, cuffs, finishing and colour are aspects that vary the style and the final look.

The black shirt

The black shirt is an original garment, suitable for all the seasons and for all the outfits, from the most formal to the most suitable for the free time. The black shirt for men can be coordinated with grey jacket and trousers, worn open with a t-shirt, combined with jeans or summer shorts, worn with a leather jacket or even with a total black outift, composed by shirt, jacket, trousers and shoes, all strictly made of the same colour.

Black shirt for men

The black shirts have always been popular among the movies stars thanks to their versatility, since they are easy to match with different colours and are suitable for the most demanding dress codes. From the jacket with tie and tighten sleeves to the shirt outside the trousers, the black shirt is a garment that allows the person who wears it to play creating original and extravagant styles and combinations.

Black Shirts

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