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  • How to choose the size of a shirt for men

    How to choose the size of a shirt for men

    Here you have 4 basic indications to choose the right size of the shirt for men: How to measure the circumference of the neck; How to measure the width of the shoulders; How to measure the chest circumference; How to measure the length of the arms.The shirts for men can have a Slim fit, more tight to the hips and the thorax, or a Regular one, more classic and loose. The choice depends on your style and also on the size you want to buy for your shirt for men. Keep on reading

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  • Polo shirts for men

    Polo shirts for men

    An undisputed icon of sportswear, the polo shirt for men combines elegance and sport in an original and bold garment. Playing tennis or golf in elegant trousers, jacket and tie should not have been comfortable, and so in the last decade of the 19th century there were the first signs of a change of clothing that culminated a few years later with the adoption of the short-sleeved polo shirt for men.Keep on reading

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  • Business shirts

    Business shirts

    How often have we wondered what to wear during a working day? How often have we chosen the wrong garment without thinking about comfort, style and fit? Elegant and refined, the business shirts of the 7camicie collection represent the right garment for any situation, ensuring a refined and unique look. Available in many models, patterns and fabrics, the work shirts can be worn without any problem by everyone and they are a must have always present in the wardrobe of the modern man.Keep on reading

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  • Linen shirts

    Linen shirts

    Summer is coming and even if we do not realize it, much of the heat we feel depends on the material of our clothes. Composed mostly of cellulose, linen is the oldest and most used textile fibre in the world. Used in the ancient Egypt and by the Phoenicians, this tissue has had an incredible development since its introduction into Europe. With a high moisture absorbing capacity and insulating and thermoregulatory properties, the linen shirts can be worn in an impeccable way during the beautiful season.Keep on reading

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  • Striped shirts

    Striped shirts

    One of the first patterns to be introduced in fashion, the striped shirt has still having success today. If until recently it was considered a pattern suitable for a sporty look, we are today seeing a revolution in this trend. Symbol of the refined clothing and emblem of a sober and refined style, the striped shirts are present in the 7camicie collection in different types and colours.Keep on reading

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  • Light blue shirts

    Light blue shirts

    Classic clothing par excellence, the light blue shirt is an essential garment in the wardrobe of the modern man. Garments with a classic and traditional style, the light blue shirts for men are suitable for multiple occasions: from the ceremony to the business meeting, from the social dinner to the dinner in the company of friends.Keep on reading

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  • Mens classic shirts

    Mens classic shirts

    For a business appointment, an important ceremony or a gala night, the proposal of men’s classic shirts by 7camicie is what you need for a cool and formal look. Essential in the wardrobe of the modern man, this shirt is the result of the best tailoring experience and its design is suitable for both the businessman and for the one who is looking for a classic suit with a markedly original taste. Dress in elegance without renouncing to comfort! The numerous models and colours of the classic shirts of the 7camicie proposal are ideal if accompanied by suit and tie.Keep on reading

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  • Mens shirts

    Mens shirts

    Garment in tissue known since the eighth century with the term camisa, it was initially used as underwear to become in the course of 1600 a status symbol of the European aristocracy. Elegant and refined, the shirt for men is a garment in tissue with collar and sleeves that have always fascinated and attracted looks and admiration. In a solid colour or with many patterns, the shirts are suitable for every occasion: from the business meeting to the business travel, from the social evening to the free time in the company of friends. Keep on reading

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  • Womens shirts

    Womens shirts

    When we think about shirts we often make the mistake of considering them an exclusive garment of the men's fashion. There’s nothing more wrong. Used since the Middle Ages as underwear, the women's shirts dress had a parallel evolution to that of the man, becoming in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries an essential garment of the women wear. Worn predominantly in a white colour, this shirt for women was made in light tissues and usually long until the feet.Keep on reading

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  • Shirt sleeve shirts

    Shirt sleeve shirts

    If in the past it was difficult to find a man who wore a short sleeves shirt, the current fashion has fully rehabilitated this garment. Adapting to different outfits, the short sleeves dress shirts are ideal during the summer season and perfect for the man who loves dressing in an informal way but who never renounces to the quality of his clothing. Worn inside or outside the trousers, the mens short sleeve shirt is an attractive garment, that must be present in the wardrobe of the modern man.Keep on reading

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  • White shirts

    White shirts

    Always present in the wardrobe of every man, the white shirt is an inimitable garment, an original and versatile evergreen that never goes out of fashion. Ideal for any occasion, this shirt is able to revolutionize the modern man’s clothing making it stunning: from the working day, to the ceremony, to the free time. Keep on reading

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  • Mens polo shirts

    Mens polo shirts

    Designed for the first time by the French tennis player René Lacoste, between 1926 and 1927, the mens polo shirts are a comfortable garment born for the sport. Used in tennis and polo, it spread all around the world since the 70's becoming today one of the most popular garments of the casual sporty outfit of summer. As a piece available in several models and colours, the short-sleeved mens polo shirt is the right compromise between a mostly simple look and a formal clothing.Keep on reading

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  • The double collar shirts

    The double collar shirts

    Comfortable and refined, the double collar shirt surprises the man attentive to details. The exceptional quality of the tissues and the pleasant geometries make this shirt a unique and original garment. It is always the type of the collar that defines the style of a shirt and the double collar make the garment young and trendy. Most of the collars are made to be worn with a bow tie or a tie and, according to the bow of the latter, a suitable collar is chosen. The double collar shirts of the 7camicie collection, that can be combined with several types of ties, cannot miss in the wardrobe of the demanding man.Keep on reading

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  • The regular shirts

    The regular shirts

    For the man who loves dressing fashionably and does not renounce to appear sober and cared, the fit is crucial. If this is true for all the garments, it is even more true for shirts. Adapting perfectly to the body of the person who wears it, the shirt should be neither too loose nor too tight and should ensure comfort and freedom of movement. The fit of the shirts is usually divided into three different models: classic shirt, regular shirt, slim shirt.Keep on reading

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  • The satin shirts

    The satin shirts

    Among the most precious tissues in the world, satin is characterized by an armature in which the warp and weft bindings are more sparse, making the tissue uniform and shiny. With a unique softness, its history is closely linked to the silk’s one, which for centuries has been fascinating the European courts. Used in the past for the décor too, satin is an exceptional tissue that still today doesn’t cease to fascinate and attract the man who is looking for a unique look. The satin shirts are one of the jewels of the 7camicie collection and are the result of tailoring tradition that makes the quality of the tissues their strength point. The origin of the name comes from “shaving”, that is, making smooth, and the satin shirt keeps these characteristics even today.Keep on reading

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  • The stretch shirts

    The stretch shirts

    The exceptional attention to detail and a unique tissue make the shirts of the 7camicie collection unique and inimitable. Adapting perfectly to the body type of the person who wears it, the stretch shirt eases down to the body of the man ensuring a fashion style and a unique fit. Keep on reading

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  • The flannel shirts

    The flannel shirts

    Made with a twill weave, the tissue of the flannel shirts is exceptionally warm and acts as a thermal insulator. Among its characteristics there is a strong resistance and softness that make it particularly suitable to be used on trousers, jackets and shirts. Flannel and wool are warm and versatile tissues, capable of some informal refinement too and of a cut for a clothing that is certainly casual.Keep on reading

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  • The black shirts

    The black shirts

    The black shirt is an extraordinary garment that, in the recent times, has gained a first position within the male wardrobe. A style icon, it is suitable for all the periods of the year and it is perfectly presentable on several occasions, from the most classic look to the most eclectic one .Keep on reading

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  • The shirt with cufflinks

    The shirt with cufflinks

    When we buy a shirt, the details always make the difference. Collar and cuffs are a very important detail of style and they are often the only things of the shirt that we can see. Cufflinks are defined as two double ornamental buttons that are used to close the cuffs in a French style, that the French call "the musketeer style" and the Italians call "double".Keep on reading

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  • The slim shirts for men

    The slim shirts for men

    The term "camicia" seems to have been already used at the beginning of the seventh century in the testament of the Patriarch Fortunato to his believers, where he talks about camisas et bragas. Despite its birth is rather ancient, the importance of this garment grew in the Baroque period when, for the first time, the tie was invented, almost immediately adopted by Parisians as a style model.Keep on reading

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