How to choose the size of a shirt for men

How to choose the size of a shirt for men

Would you like to buy a shirt for men or to make a gift and you do not know which size to choose?

Here you have 4 basic indications to choose the right size of the shirt for men:

  1. How to measure the circumference of the neck: the circumference of the neck is the most important part to measure the size of the shirt. To measure the circumference of the neck it is enough to take a measuring tape, to turn it around the neck and to insert a finger in the part where the two parts of the meter cross. Here is obtained the measurement of the circumference of the neck to choose the right size of the shirt for men.

  2. How to measure the width of the shoulders: in this case it is better if you let someone help you. Take the measuring tape and measure the distance between the outermost points of the shoulders, always staying with the back straight but maintaining a natural posture. In this way you will have the right shoulder size for your shirt.

  3. How to measure the chest circumference: turn the tape around the chest. Start from the area under the armpits and breathe normally. The chest of an average man usually measures around 117cm. The shirt for men must be comfortable and not too tight.

  4. How to measure the length of the arms: put the measuring tape on the shoulder and go to the wrist, keeping the arm relaxed. The length of the arms is only indicative since it must be considered that the shirt must leave freedom of movement and must not be too tight to the arms.

Sizes and Fit of the Shirts for men

The shirts for men can have a Slim fit, more tight to the hips and the thorax, or a Regular one, more classic and loose.

The choice depends on your style and also on the size you want to buy for your shirt for men.

If you have a slender body we suggest you to buy a Slim shirt for men; if, on the other hand, you have a robust build, it is better to opt for a Regular shirt for men.

Size guide for the shirts for men

If you are still undecided about the size we suggest you to consult the Size Guide of our website. It will help you to have a reference for the choice of the size of your shirt for men. Remember that all the 7camicie shirts dress Slim up to size 44 and Regular starting from size 45.

If you still have doubts about the size of the shirt for men, do not worry: if you buy on the website the shipment and any return are free (only for the European Union countries).

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