• Womens plus size

    Womens plus size

    How to dress well and enhance the best parts of the body? Using large garments is never the right choice to make. The plus size women clothing prefers garments that are able to mould on the female body bringing a breath of pleasant freshness to the whole look. Avoid the idea that only dark garment must be worn. The black colour slims the figure, it’s well known, but also light clothes can impress, especially during the spring-summer season. Keep on reading

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  • Mens plus size

    Mens plus size

    Practical and comfortable, the plus size mens clothing of the 7camicie collection is trendy, responding with refinement at every circumstance. Wearing largest clothing is not always the best choice, because it does not highlight our strength points. The plus size shirts suit every body type and draw the body of the man who looks for a pleasant and intriguing look. Keep on reading

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  •  Cufflinks for men

    Cufflinks for men

    Adding a touch of elegance to men's clothing, the cufflinks for men are accessories suitable for a formal style that does not turn its nose up at a touch of impeccable originality. Used to fasten the cuffs of shirts with French cuffs, these cufflinks for shirts were spread in the nineteenth century for the need to close the cuffs with something that was more solid than button and buttonhole. Keep on reading

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  • The new polos of 7camicie

    The new polos of 7camicie

    The new polo collection ready to be discovered The new polos of 7camicie are characterized by Italian style, comfort and originality: ready to be discovered!Let’s see some proposals:BLACK POLO FOR MEN: The short-sleeved polo for men is made of pure cotton, for the great breathability. The stretch hems of the sleeves have a striped pattern with alternating grey, white and black shades. The same pattern with alternating colours is applied to the inner part of the collar, while the outside part and the strip of the buttons show black shades in solid colours. The 7camicie logo is embroidered on the strip of the bottom hem.RED POLO FOR MEN: Logo 7camicie ricamato su fettuccia nel bordo inferiore. Made of pure cotton, that gives the garment great breathability, for a look that is always comfortable and dry.Keep on reading

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  • Spring collection

    Spring collection

    7camicie spring collection Spring is a special period of the year: the world around us is reawakening and we feel like doing lots of things. Anyway, the mild air of spring days gives us a great calm.This sweet and sparkling character of the spring is expressed by the new shirts of 7camicie new collection.Let’s see some interesting proposals:SHIRT VESUVIO WHITE: a traditional item, the white shirt, originally renewed by 7camicie: the internal part of buttoning, collar and cuffs has a floral pattern with vivid colours. Triple button-down collar with square-shaped buttons and blue button holes.SHIRT LEONARDO WHITE BORDEAUX: an original and at the same time refined poplin cotton. It shows a bordeaux heart-shaped pattern on a white background and a blue internal part of cuffs and collar. Slim fit for a perfect wearability.Keep on reading

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  • Women shirts

    Women shirts

    Woman in Georgette The new shirts of the woman collection proposed by 7camicie are designed to enhance the woman beauty and realized with a refined style, perfect for every woman, respecting their own tastes.7camicie has designed a new collection choosing a particular fabric that was invented by a woman and brings the name of the French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante: Georgette, a sheer, lightweight, plain weave fabric.Let’s see some of the fantastic shirts of georgette collection:SHIRT GIULIETTA RED BORDEAUX: the shirt Giulietta shows a warm and passionate colour, the Bordeaux red. The peculiarity of this item is the double rouche with a fine spotted hem, the same pattern of the internal part of the collar and cuffs. Soft collar and tone on tone nacre button for a glamour shirt which is at the same time romantic and determined.Keep on reading

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  • Oscar elegance

    Oscar elegance

    Di Caprio won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role We were waiting for this event and it has finally happened! Leonardo Di Caprio won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role thanks to his fantastic performance in The Revenant! Di Caprio, during his acceptance speech, said he didn’t take his Oscar for granted. Anyway, his elegance was amazing, we could say an Oscar elegance! Wonderful black tuxedo, refined white shirt and black silk bow made him perfect for this important and deserved victory.If you want to amaze with an Oscar look, follow 7camicie proposals:SHIRT MILANO WHITE:the shirt Milano white is simply perfect for the suits thanks to its hidden buttoning, except for the collar nacre button. Made of pure poplin cotton, it shows slim fit and white plain colour. New Classic style for an evergreen item!Keep on reading

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  • The shirt collar size

    The shirt collar size

    How to measure a shirt collar size Did you know that the shirt collar size may tell you a lot of things about your shirt?The shirt collar size can help us in choosing a well-fitted shirt and look attractive!Take a tape measure and start measuring: wrap the tape measure around your neck, hold it firm at the front of your neck and slip your index finger between the tape measure and your neck and record the measurement! In Italy, thanks to the long tradition in shirt production, there are two different ways to express sizes, in basic fits and in centimeters. Other countries, like United States and Great Britain are still using inches as base units for sizes. In order to please everyone, 7camicie proposes a Size Guide on its online store , offering a comparison chart for shirt collar sizes, with the Italian measurements in cm and the U.S. measurements in inches, and also the chest width and the sleeve and shoulders measurement. The Size Guide is enriched by some pictures and become so easy to use.Keep on reading

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  • The beauty of double-face

    The beauty of double-face

    The double-faced scarves of 7camicieKeep on reading

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  • 7camicie trousers

    7camicie trousers

    7camicie presents the new collection of man trousersKeep on reading

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  • 7camicie down-jackets

    7camicie down-jackets

    7camicie protects you against cold weatherKeep on reading

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  • The news of the 7camicie sweaters

    The news of the 7camicie sweaters

    New garments of knittingKeep on reading

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  • The New Year’s Eve shirt

    The New Year’s Eve shirt

    The perfect look for the last night of the yearKeep on reading

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  • 7camicie knitwear

    7camicie knitwear

    7camicie launches a new collection of knitwearKeep on reading

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  • The 7camicie suits. Used to style

    The 7camicie suits. Used to style

    7camicie launches the new suits for men.Keep on reading

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  • 7camicie red

    7camicie red

    The colour of the year: passion redKeep on reading

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  • Summer colours from 7camicie

    Summer colours from 7camicie

    Bright colours and fresh fabrics for an unforgettable summer!Keep on reading

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  • Silkchief, a matter of style

    Silkchief, a matter of style

    7camicie presents the new silkchief for men in silk Keep on reading

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  • The short sleeve from 7camicie

    The short sleeve from 7camicie

    7camicie presents the new summer collection: short-sleeved shirts for everyone!Keep on reading

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  • The Italian collar

    The Italian collar

    Style and elegance in an unique detail: the Italian collar.Keep on reading

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