The 7camicie Braces for Men

A casual or formal accessory for a style that makes the difference. Elegance and balance in the proportions: the braces for men by 7camicie give a unique aplomb to your suit trousers or even to a pair of sporty jeans.

The 7camicie Braces

Made of an elastic tissue, the 7camicie braces are adjustable in length and hook to the trousers through some special snap metallic tweezers. Available in a wide choice of tissues and colours, the braces for men constitute a good alternative to the belt and bring out the crease of the trousers, to which they are tied in the back part, creating the famous "Y-shape".

The 7camicie Men’s Braces

An accessory originally created at the end of '700 during the French Revolution, but since then always modern and fashionable, even among young people who want to give a touch of personality to their work outfit or their free time outfit. Funny, colourful, but always refined: match the 7camicie braces with a classic white shirt or with a patterned shirt and choose the style that suits you the most!


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