The President of 7camicie: David Hassan

David Hassan has always been the president of 7camicie brand. A self-made man: inventor, leader and creative source of a project, which immediately receives large volume of affiliation requests from all corners of Italy and the world, thanks to its winning franchising formula.
A project made possible only by a charismatic and accomplished business leader: example of commitment, dedication, who is part of its work team and manage all the sectors of his company.
The secret of his success is captured by the motto: “The only effective way to gain money on a long-term basis is to make other people gain. The good entrepreneur gains with its employees and not on them”. A motto, which expresses the entrepreneurial personality of David Hassan: a leader convinced that people make the difference and are the true engine that drives the business.
Experience in the franchising field

Today, David Hassan is recognized among the most famous franchising experts in the world and has won the coveted franchising award prize, as: “The network that made specialization its starting point to impose an original brand image abroad”. David Hassan is constantly invited to give lectures on this professional experience in the franchising field at the prestigious universities of Luigi Bocconi in Milan, John Cabot in Rome and the University of Michigan.

Participations in TV programs

David Hassan, participated in the reality show launched by Rai 2 "Undercover Boss", in which the president, acting as a humble worker, spent a week in close contact, and incognito, with the operational departments of his own company. By moving in the different departments located throughout the world, in order to deeply know his people, David has paid homage to those who have made his company an international reality and has fully understood the aspects of the company that should be improved.

The origins of the name 7camicie

In 2001, when the historical brand came into being, David Hassan was committed to create a project of guaranteed international success. The brand was born in a basement around the edges of the town, the operating base for the start-up to what would be a large company known worldwide.
David Hassan, a small trader of limited resources and full of ideas, always in love with the shirt production, began to study the field more in detail, willing to create a successful project. As David studied the monotony and the static nature of the shirt market deeper, he realized that nothing should be taken as model.
Shirt concept needed to be reinterpreted: new models and fitting suitable to all types of customers and all occasions, perfectly matched colour, new patterns and contrasts in precious natural fabrics came to life. All distinctive features combined within a specialized concept-store that would become an important point of reference for the fashion sector.
Just one thing was missing to the project completion: the name of the brand destined to be worldwide famous. David’s closest collaborators like to remember that an evening, at the end of a long working day defining all the stylistic and organizational details of the project, David, never satisfied with his own work due to his nature and character, smashed strongly the fist of his hand against his office table and exclaimed: “Finally! I worked so hard I had to change 7 shirts (Italian expression), but I did it in the end! Now only the brand name is missing…” 
After a few moments of silence, David’s collaborators bursts into a loud laughter and it was suddenly clear that the name of the brand had just been pronounced. Only after a few seconds, David realized what he had unintentionally said and stated with low and solemn voice: “7camicie… Perfect, this will be the name of the Brand!” The name 7camicie is associated with the Italian idiomatic expression, used to indicate an effort made to complete a work, so great you have to change the shirt 7 times. The brand success at international level and the lack of a precise translation into other languages, led to link the use of the 7camicie word to the idea of having an always-perfect shirt for each day of the week.