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Elegant Shirts for Women

Elegant Shirts for Women

7camicie accept the challenge of the modern woman, who loves to impress with an impeccable refinement in every context. Designed to meet the most complex request, the collection of elegant shirts for women 7camicie offers models that can meet the tastes and the needs of today's dynamic woman.

Elegant Women’s shirts

The garments, strictly made with a selected high-quality standard of tissues, perfectly combine the refinement of the design with the versatility of the garment, which becomes the key of a unique look to be shown off on so many occasions for a sure success. The wide selection allows to choose very feminine garments, in which it is highlighted the sensuality with elements such as a teardrop collar or ruffles with sinuous lines, or models with a less sophisticated look, which reminds the masculine look.

Elegant Shirts

Sober and chic, the shirts from the collection of elegant shirts are the ideal solution for the busy woman, they dress with class any outfit, and are perfect to face your day in the office or to end it with a relaxing after work moment in the company of your friends. They naturally dress the successful woman who knows how to combine with class the most suitable accessories for each shirt, creating an always perfect clothing that goes beyond the limits of the collection of elegant shirts.



If you love astonishing and dressing with a touch of originality, the women elegant shirts by 7camicie are the most suitable garment for your style. Refined and attentive to the details, they are indicated for the most demanding dress code, and for women who care about their femininity.


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