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Flannel Shirts

Flannel Shirt

Worn as early as the 90s by the first great rock artists, the flannel shirts immediately influenced the trends and the youth fashion of that period. Invented in Scotland in the seventeenth century, and then spread rapidly to the rest of Europe, the tissue, made of wool or cotton, is particularly warm, soft and resistant, ideal to be worn on trousers, jackets and shirts.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel and wool are among the warmest tissues but not for this exclusively suitable for the autumn or winter season. Adequate in a sporty style and in a more informal one, the flannel shirt is suitable for an alternative and funny outfit. Easy to combine with jeans or with a sweater, with patterns ranging from classic geometric chequered to the solid colour, passing through the tartan, the garment fascinates and call the attention of the casual fashion lovers.

Shirts in flannel

The flannel shirt, ideal for an outdoor walk or for the free time with friends, is today a garment that must be present in the wardrobe of a man who makes the simple and informal refinement his lifestyle. What in the past seemed to be a shirt for only woodcutters or for grunge boys, is now a garment chosen by world-renowned designers to create and revolutionize styles and unusual combinations.



A warm tissue characterized by an armour twill that makes it suitable for the coldest seasons. Casual and versatile: the flannel shirts by 7camicie, with different models and several patterns, are the undisputed queens of the refined and informal clothing.



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