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French Collar Shirts

French Collar Shirt

There are many types of shirt collars and each of these is suitable for different occasions. The classic or Italian style collar, with its triangular wings and an opening that shows the first button, is particularly versatile and suitable for any situation, while the French collar, with more open wings, is indicated for those who want to dress showing a touch of vitality and freshness.

French collar shirt

The shirt with a French collar or english cutaway, called in France "Italian style", allows us to dress formally and without renouncing to the tie. One of the most elegant men of the twentieth century, the Duke of Windsor, created in the 30s this model of shirt to combine with a tie that had a voluminous knot, which takes its name from the Duke. The French-style shirt was created to be matched with a tie, filling the gap left by the two large sails that characterize the model.

French collar

The tie, classic and not too much eye-catching, must have a colour combined with the suit and must be accompanied by matching shoes and belt. The variants introduced with the time are numerous: from the collar said "half-French" with its wings slightly more closed than in the Neapolitan single sail one, with a cut elongated transversely towards the back of the shirt. French collar is today synonymous with freshness and modernity, a garment dedicated to those who, careful to the attention for details, love the shirt with a French collar that has a refined taste, suitable for both informal occasions and more demanding dress codes.




Extremely elegant and formal, the French collar was born to be worn with the tie. Refined taste and care for the details are just two of the attributes that characterize the French cuff shirts by 7camicie. The variation and the patterns are numerous and make this garment fresh and modern.


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