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Men's cufflinks

Spread in Europe during the nineteenth century, the cufflinks are composed by two flat parts connected by a fixed or mobile element with a rear spring line or another smooth part. The shirts with a traditional cuff are undoubtedly practical and versatile but the shirt with cufflinks adds a unique touch of class to the look of the man who is attentive to the care of all the details. There are different types and colours available, that can reflect the mood and personality of the modern man who loves dressing with sobriety and elegance. Ideal for a ceremony or an evening look, these precious accessories are the symbol of a male refined and sophisticated elegance: dress with style and be surprised by a timeless look.

How to wear cufflinks

Even if the etiquette establishes that the cufflinks must be worn only with double cuffs and tie, today it is possible to wear them in any context, without never appearing out of place. In the free time, on a shirt with a single cuff, under a pair of pants in tissue or combined with a pair of jeans, with a sweater or a blazer, these accessories give a unique look for a surprising result. The torpedo model, composed by a clip, is certainly the most widely used cufflink, immediately followed by the chain model, for a more elegant choice and usable with the tuxedo. The simplest in metal are the finger cufflinks, connected to each other by a rigid rod, while the most used ones are the twins with a knot in fabric, for an attractive and bold look.



Invented to be worn on shirts with French or musketeer cuffs, the cufflinks are a symbol of class and formal elegance. With a rigorous and refined style, the shirts cufflinks are the perfect accessory that can make unique even the most important occasion.

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