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Mens Button Down Shirt

Button down Shirt

The English polo players of the nineteenth century, to avoid that the collar of the polos finished on their face during the matches, decided to fix the collar with some buttons: that's how the button down was born. When the English stylist Ben Sherman started to produce shirts in Brighton back in the '60s, he didn't imagine that soon his button down shirt would become a symbol of style and elegance.

The button down shirts

The shirt, initially only in cotton, soon became a style icon for all those who love the casual wear. That the collar is standard, low, high and with two buttons, it doesn't matter: this shirt has radically changed the way we dress. Even if the origins of this garment consider it reserved for informal situations, the latest fashion trends make the button down shirt a clothing for men suitable for more formal occasions. Paul Newman, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and other stars of the American cinema of the 50s wore suit, tie and button-down shirt.

Button down shirt

In Italy, the latest fashion trends are revealing the most elegant side of the button down shirts, advising it for more formal occasions. Inside or outside the trousers, it makes no difference, the button-down shirt is a must-have for the man who is attentive to the modern and always trendy style.



A garment that is always fashionable for an inimitable style. The mens button-down shirt by 7camicie is an icon for all the men who love a casual and contemporary clothing. It can also show a more elegant and balanced side: this shirt is easy to match with any trousers.

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