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Mens dress shirts 

The section mens dress shirts by 7camicie offers a great choice by model, tissue and cut for any style and situation: the sober and rigorous look of the business clothing, perfect for the office, for a more sporty and sophisticated context, for a trendy and casual style in a weekend based on relax or free time. In the wide collection of shirts for men by 7camicie there are endless combinations of colours and patterns: solid colours, stripes, squares and denim shirts realized with fine and light materials, such as cotton, to ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit for the man who wears them. Those who love shirts with modern and sophisticated details will be satisfied: different models are enriched with collars with double or triple collar leaves, cuffs with patterns and prints in contrast. The realization tissues of the shirts shows high level quality and technical specifications and, for a maximum durability and refinement of the garment, the seams are made with seven points stitching per centimetre, favouring an unprecedented reinforcement. The attention for the  details, combined with the perfect quality of the production, makes 7camicie dress shirts a must-have for the man who loves to surprise himself and other people. Don't miss the opportunity to have a timeless garment of great impact in your wardrobe: choose 7camicie.

Mens Shirts

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