Shirt Milano poplin White

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1 button smoking collar man shirt Popeline Plain White
The men?s shirt model Milano of the 7camicie collection expresses maximum elegance and is ideal in combination with suits and dinner jackets. Conceived, designed and realized with premium quality fabrics, the shirt Milano has elegant cut and slim fitting. The wide cuff with rounded edges harmonizes a sober and refined style. The single buttonhole, adaptable to precious cufflinks for more demanding dress codes and formal occasions, enriches a classy outfit, of timeless refinement. The collar has a one button tuxedo and single short fold, to shape a royal look, with supreme minimalism. For the upmost resistance and unprecedented durability, the garment presents great attention to details: sewing made with seven point of stitching per centimeter, to ensure reinforcement in strategic points and prevent the effects of time and wear. The ideal garment for every important occasion.
The name of the fabric, of French origin, initially indicated a lightweight and fine wool fabric exclusively designed for the Pope and manufactured in the Papal city of Avignon. Today it refers to an extreme compact and fine textile, among the most valuable in the market, used to produce high-level garments, as shirts, jackets and summer trenches. The plain weave of the textile is realized by thin warp yarns that double the number of weft yarn, creating a light horizontal line. The fabric is made of different materials: silk, wool, polyester fibers, but the best known is the mercerized cotton, a textile finishing that gives the yarn a bright aspect and makes it resistant to wear. Thanks to this features, the Poplin textile is the main fabric for men’s shirt production. The characteristics of firmness and compactness, on one hand, and brightness and lightness on the other, make the fabric perfect for formal shirt production, in vivid and brilliant or in plain colours, suitable for every season of the year.
Collar Type
1 button smoking
Long sleeve

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Shirt Milano poplin White
1 button smoking collar man shirt Popeline Plain White

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