Shirt Colosseo Satin White

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3 Buttons Bdwn Double Collar Slim Man Shirt
The men?s shirt model Colosseo of the 7camicie collection presents an unmistakable style, for the man who made of elegance its leitmotiv. The precious garment has unprecedented qualities and technical specifications: the modern double button-down collar with long double fold, ensures the maximum comfort, while the edge collar height guarantees elegant refinement. With three buttons on the collar, cuffs and short buttoning, the garment is available in numerous patterns and colours, slim cut with two pleats and ideal length to be worn inside or outside trousers. The particular cuff with rounded edges has triple buttonhole. The refinement in the manufacture of the garment has its main expression in the elegant finishings and in the seven points of stitching per centimeter, a guarantee of resistance and durability for a timeless garment.
The satin is a sophisticated fabric that needs no introduction. The name of the textile takes the origins from its main characteristic: the long and trimmed cut that gives the garment a shiny aspect famous all over the world. The fabric is worked with a textile reinforcement, whose points of tying warp or weave are reduced to the minimum so as to be almost invisible. Formerly used for clothing and furnishing in the ancient Orient, the satin is nowadays one of the most precious fabrics for the productions of shirts, of great impact for their shine, softness and pleasantness to the touch. Made of cotton or, even better, of silk, the satin is commonly used for the production of resistant and soft women?s shirts, that softly mold the body, and for men?s shirts to wear during formal events or ceremonies.
Collar Type
3 buttons button down double collar
Long sleeve

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Shirt Colosseo Satin White
3 Buttons Bdwn Double Collar Slim Man Shirt

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Comme toutes les chemises que j'ai commandé rien à redire. Pour ce modèle c'est l'élégance parfaite tant par l'originalité que par la matière (soie). Cette chemise représente le chic italien. Envoi parfait dans les délais. Je recommande.

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camicia colosseo satin bianca

ottima vestibilità bellezza unica

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