Silk Ties 

7camicie invites you to discover a garment that is a must-have in men's clothing: the ties for men, a true symbol of masculine elegance, essential to complete the more refined outfit, and to add a touch of class where a chic look must be present.

Ties for Men

In the wide range of online ties available on 7camicie, you can find ties for all tastes: in solid colours, dotted, patterned, available in light or dark colours, but always made with quality and precious materials, such as cotton or silk. There are several models and patterns for this accessory, to be combined with different looks depending on the different situations. The Trevi collection, that owes its name to the wonderful monument of Rome, the eternal city and also the headquarters of 7camicie, is a tie in pure silk, with an 8 cm wide blade, offered in different patterns and designs, which allows a wide variety of combinations for more formal situations or more casual looks. Navona, the collection that takes its name from another important monument of the eternal city, is the type of tie with a narrow blade, 6 cm, in pure silk and available a lot of models, colours and patterns to ensure combinations that are always perfect. Discover the entire collection of 7camicie ties and make your choice of class.


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