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Must have


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      99,90 € 79,92 € Now Available

      Size :  38/S  39/M  40/M  41/L  42/L  43/XL  44/XL  45/2XL  46/2XL  47/3XL  48/3XL  49/4XL  50/4XL 

      Long-sleeved shirt for men in a fine satin cotton with French collar. The delicate pastel solid sky blue colour enhances the best the natural shininess of the satin cotton, making the garment ideal for chic outfits or to enrich with a note of elegance the everyday look, in the versatility of the essential model, always modern.
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      89,90 € 71,92 € Now Available

      Size :  43/XL  44/XL  45/2XL  46/2XL  47/3XL  49/4XL 

      Shirt for men in fine Oxford cotton. The classicism of a color that never goes out of fashion, joined with a one button Italian collar and a slim fit, enrich a garment that, for elegance and versatility, never goes unnoticed. Elegance and sophistication in a shirt with a traditional tone.
    • 3 Reviews
      99,90 € 79,92 € Now Available

      Size :  38/S  39/M  40/M  41/L  42/L  43/XL  44/XL  45/2XL  46/2XL  47/3XL  48/3XL  49/4XL  50/4XL 

      Shirt for men in pure tight Satin. A classic color for a garment with a precious quality and versatility, ideal for informal looks or for the most demanding dress codes. One button Italian collar and slim fit on a shirt with a thousand exceptional facets. An evergreen among the most immortals.
    • 39,90 € 19,95 € Now Available

      Size :  UNI 

      man tie 6 cm Silk Plain Black
    • 29,90 € 14,95 € Now Available

      Size :  UNI 

      Sophisticated in its simplicity, the Navona model tie in a solid colour with a 6 cm narrow blade. Made of pure silk in the middle grey shade, it is perfect to complete the most formal dress code, combining with extreme versatility to suits or separated garments.
    • 29,90 € 14,95 € Now Available

      Size :  UNI 

      Bow tie in pure silk in a blue solid colour. A classic accessory with a timeless taste, in the most chic shade ever, that completes the elegant look of worldly nights or of formal occasions.
    • 44,90 € 35,92 € Now Available

      Size :  115  120  125 

      Belt for men made of soft leather in the full shade of brown. The silver buckle impeccably completes the accessory, which in its traditional design is perfect to enrich the casual look of everyday life or of the most formal and elegant outfits.
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      69,90 € 34,95 € Now

      Size :  56 

      Comfortable and versatile, the chinos trousers made of twill cotton in the shades of beige. Equipped with practical side pockets, they have a casual style that matches easily with classic and fashion shirts, in several combinations of looks. The touch of class to be distinguished in everyday life.
    • 1 Review
      69,90 € 55,92 € Now

      Size :  52  54  56 

      Trousers for men from the casual line, in 100% twill cotton with pockets. The chinos model allows maximum versatility in creating casual and contemporary outfits, ideal for the dynamic man who loves dressing with class on every occasion, without renouncing to comfort. The solid blue colour is perfect for a great variety of combinations, both in contrast...
    • 44,90 € 35,92 € Now

      Size :  120  125  130 

      Traditional design for the belt for men made of a fine black leather, with a silver rectangular buckle. The simplicity of the model allows its combination with formal suits as well as with casual trousers, always ensuring the perfect accessory.
    • 158,00 € 126,40 € Now Available

      Size :  42  44  46  48  50  54  56  58 

      The new jacket Roma from the collection 7camicie shows a slim and modern fit. The deep blue hue gives the garment un unparalleled elegance and refinement, combined with high quality tissues. The single-breasted jacket with two buttons has a pocket on the left side and twin welt pockets. Wide revers for an accurate style. In the inner part, the jacket is...
    • 30 Reviews
      109,90 € 87,92 € Now Available

      Size :  37/S  38/S  39/M  40/M  45/2XL  46/2XL 

      Long-sleeved shirt for men in cotton satin. The double button-down collar with a dark blue sail in contrast highlights the pastel sky blue colour of the body. The gleam of the tissue and the special finishing of the inner parts make this garment perfect to complete a contemporary outfit.
    • 3 Reviews
      89,90 € 44,95 € Now Available

      Size :  37/S  39/M  40/M 

      Shirt for men in oxford cotton, button down collar with two buttons with a decorated inner part. The garment is made in the classic hue par excellence, white, with chequered internal part in the shades of sky blue. Ideal for those who loves choosing carefully every element of their outfits, looking for the quality of the tissue and the exclusivity of the...
    • 3 Reviews
      79,90 € 39,95 € Now Available

      Size :  37/S 

      Long-sleeved shirt for men in poplin fixed cotton in a solid turquoise colour. The original interpretation of the model Roma with a button-down collar with 2 buttons distinguishes a modern taste, and is enriched with blue inner parts in contrast that blend with the white finishes of the 7 buttons buttoning.
    • 89,90 € 71,92 € Now

      Size :  44/XL  45/2XL  46/2XL  47/3XL 

      1 Button French Collar Slim Man Shirt Oxford Plain White
    • 79,90 € 39,95 € Now Available

      Size :  38/S  39/M  40/M  41/L 

      2 button button-down slim man shirt with 7 buttons Popeline Plain Black
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