Pocket Square

7camicie invites you to discover the exclusive collection of online pocket handkerchiefs for men: a playful and refined accessory, indispensable to transform a refined look like so many in a unique outfit, with a sure impact.

Pocket Squares for Men

Refined and imaginative colours, a tailoring quality in really pure silk, for the man who loves tracing the contours of his own style with personality and taste. No longer exclusively for the experts, the pocket handkerchief is perfect when combined with the jacket, whether it is part of a suit, a blazer or a sporty jacket. And it does not matter if you wear a tie: pocket handkerchief have no connection, actually, they must be considered in an autonomous way: if you choose to wear both of them, 7camicie recommends harmonious combinations in the colours. Consider that already in the elegant France of 1700 the king used to chose for himself a pocket handkerchief every morning, after the toilet, according to his mood. 7camicie recommends to combine the online pocket handkerchief for men in solid colours with imaginative and colourful shirts for a less formal outfit, giving the pocket a touch of colour. Do not miss the opportunity to donate to your style elegance and comfort: choose 7camicie. "

Pocket Square

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