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Polka Dot Shirts

Men's polka dot shirt

From light to dark tones, the polka dot is perfect for the man who makes the casual urban clothing his lifestyle. Worn with a pair of trousers in tissue or jeans, the polka-dot shirts give men a dynamic and original look. Accompanied by a jacket that matches with the colour of the shoes or of the trousers, the polka dot shirt is ideal for the summer period and can also be worn unbuttoned and out of the trousers. Perfect the combination with t-shirt and sneakers, its captivating and bold aspect makes it suitable for more informal occasions. Ties and bow ties are not excluded but they must be combined with care and strictly in a solid colour.

Men's polka dot shirt

Discover the range of the men's polka dot shirts of the 7camicie collection and be seduced by these charming and daring patterns. Who said that the look of the perfect man must be strictly formal and classic? The polka dot shirt reverses all the rules becoming today a garment symbol of the man who likes daring and experimenting with different and refined combinations. Sober and rather dark colours, such as blue or grey, are indicated for a winter look and for an extrovert and original man, light colours easily adapt to the spring and to the summer season. The perfect combination varies according to the occasion, the colour and the pattern. The men's polka dot shirt can reverse your schemes and conquer leading role in the wardrobe of the modern man.



For a contemporary look  and an always fashionable outfit, the polka dot shirt is the essential garment in the wardrobe of the modern man. Always fashionable and trendy, this is a shirt that has revolutionized the way of dressing casually: reinvent your look, the polka dot is the pattern you were looking for. 

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