Light Grey Polo Shirts

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Light Grey Polo Shirts
The name of the fabric from the French work piquer “to pinch”, refers to the weave of the textile made with patterns in relief ranging from dots, rhombuses, squares, that gives the piquet made garments the distinctive “quilted” appearance. Generally made of white or soft coloured cotton, the piquet is a textured, comfortable and fresh fabric. Due to its peculiar manufacturing in the heavier versions, the fabric is particularly appreciated by producers of household lining and furnishing, especially for bedspreads and quilts. In the lightweight and fresh versions, the piquet is used for summer clothing, mainly for sport and casual garments. The high quality, the breathable and elastic effect have made the pique the favored textile for the production of the coloured 7camicie polo: with brilliant and vivid colors perfect for the summer and contrasting details, the polos in pique fabric guarantee a pleasant sensation on the skin, the maximum freedom of movement and unprecedented breathability.
Collar Type
1 button italian collar
Short sleeve

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Light Grey Polo Shirts
Light Grey Polo Shirts

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