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Shirt and Tie

Shirt, tie

Each season, event and time of the day has its own suitable suit, and this strip of tissue is essential for those who love dressing with style and elegance. For an impeccable style, the tie should have at least one colour in common with the shirt, with a never clearer tone. Shiny ties are suitable for the evening while the opaque ones must be preferred during the day. Grey, light blue and blue generally adapt to any shirt tone, while the decorated shirt with tie is not recommended for formal appointments. Both with the striped shirt and with the chequered one, it is preferable a solid tie, that includes the colours of the pattern, for a harmonious and well proportioned result. Showing ties with different patterns from the solid colour allows you to always create different outfits.

Shirts and ties

The colours are the key element to be taken into account for a perfect combination. In a solid colour for a classic and formal look with a suit, this strip of tissue can transform an informal look in a real model of style and originality. The secondary colours of the tie must never contrast with the colours of the jacket and, even with similar patterns, it is appropriate to wear it with a pattern of different sizes, that balances its volume. Symbol of strength and of male potency, this accessory gives immediately a note of strong character even to the most traditional look. Amuse yourself by experiencing always different combinations.



Accessory of the male clothing, the tie gives importance and enhances the man's clothing in the most demanding occasions. Inseparable from the shirt, this accessory is a must-have for ceremonies, formal events, business meetings and romantic evenings. 

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