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Shirt with Bow Tie

Tuxedo shirt and bow tie

Perfect for any kind of ceremony, the tuxedo shirt is the most formal garment of the men's wardrobe. Strictly white and long-sleeved, it has a collar with reversed collar leaves and cuffs that can be closed with cufflinks. The characteristic collar is suitable to be combined with a bow tie and worn with strictly classic jacket and trousers. Perfect for all the occasions that require a black tie dress code, with tuxedo and black bow tie, or white tie, with franc and white bow tie, the tuxedo shirt is a timeless symbol of the male elegance. Wear your shirt with bow tie in all the most important occasions of life, let yourself be seduced by a timeless elegance.

Bow tie shirts

From the classic black and white colours for frac and smoking, the bow tie also dresses more bold patterns. Used both during the day and at night, this male accessory is today worn on more casual jackets and shirts to give a creative touch to the modern man's outfit. Born from the habit of Croatian mercenaries to close their shirt without any buttons with a bow, it entered into the fashion world through French taste and revision. In a dot, chequered, floral or geometric pattern, the bow ties of the 7camicie collection are suitable for any kind of combination and are the ideal choice for the man who loves attention and care of details. Do not leave anything to chance, invent your look and wear a bow tie with your favourite shirt.


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