3 Buttons Italian Collar Woman Shirt With Patches Popeline Stretch Plain

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3 Buttons Italian Collar Woman Shirt With Patches Popeline Stretch Plain
The women?s shirt model Beatrice of the 7camicie collection expresses a feminine and androgen style at the same time. The garment, manufactured wit top quality fabrics guarantee breathability and refinement, presents characteristics that blend seamlessly the classical style with the contemporary patterns and accents. The slim fitting with double pleats is sign of a look softly adapted to the silhouette, for an always-accurate and elegant style. The Italian collar with wide fold and rounded cuffs, with double buttonhole and double button, is a touch of glamour for a garment that never goes unnoticed for quality and refinement. Guarantee of resistance and durability and for an unprecedented comfort, the model is entirely manufactured with seven points stitching per centimeter: a versatile garment for every occasion, an eternal classic.
Stretch poplin
The name of the fabric, of French origin, initially indicated a lightweight and fine wool fabric exclusively designed for the Pope and manufactured in the Papal city of Avignon. Today it refers to an extreme compact and fine textile, among the most valuable in the market, used to produce high-level garments, as shirts, jackets and summer trenches. The plain weave of the textile is realized by thin warp yarns that double the number of weft yarn, creating a light horizontal line. The fabric is made of different materials: silk, wool, polyester fibers, but the best known is the mercerized cotton, a textile finishing that gives the yarn a bright aspect and makes it resistant to wear. Thanks to this features, the Poplin textile is the main fabric for men?s shirt production. The characteristics of firmness and compactness, on one hand, and brightness and lightness on the other, make the fabric perfect for formal shirt production, in vivid and brilliant or in plain colours, suitable for every season of the year.
Collar Type
3 buttons italian collar
Long sleeve


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