Light blue shirts

To match a light blue shirt is not that difficult and, in formal contexts where an adequate suit is required, this garment easily fits to any invention. Perfect if worn with a tie and combined with a blue or grey jacket for a ceremony, the light blue shirt is considered a must-have garment of the male wardrobe. Suitable for both the summer and the winter periods, it can be combined with a pair of jeans or with dark trousers for a perfect and informal look. Matched with a dark sweater in winter, it is perfect if worn with an unbuttoned collar and turned sleeves during the summer. As a passe-partout for all the occasions, the light blue shirt gives to every man a touch of style and elegance.

Light blue shirts

A garment with a classical touch: it is essential in the male wardrobe and represents a must-have for the modern and elegant man. Also available in the non-iron variant, the collection of light blue shirts by 7camicie easily adapts to the businessman who is always on travel and needs a sober and refined look. From the classic version with the Italian collar, suitable for ceremonies and important events, to the extraordinary modernity of the shirt with a Korean collar for a unique and brave style. Available in solid colours and in several patterns, these garments show exceptional geometrical combinations for an extraordinary refinement and sobriety. A product with many facets, perfect for the sporty and refined man.

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