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Basic garment of menswear, the shirt has ancient origins that are lost in time. Born in Rome in the third century. A.D. as a petticoat, the Tunica Interior had no sleeves and collar and up to the year one thousand it was used as an underwear garment. It was the camis, imported from the East by the returning Crusaders, that indicated the final shape of the shirt: round neckline and separately cut sleeves sewn along the sides.

The slim fit shirts

The shirt underwent a transformation process towards the end of the seventeenth century; while the nobles made it decorate with laces, making it a sign recognition of the social extraction, the plebs continued to wear it as a simple dress. The nineteenth century is an exceptional era for fashion, which sees the birth of the modern menswear composed by jacket, trousers and waistcoat, uniform in colour and fabric.

Slim fit shirt for men

In this period the shirt becomes the male garment par excellence. Slim fit shirt for men, regular or classic are today clothing models that arise from the legacy of the nineteenth century bourgeois shirt. The shirt is proposed as an indispensable garment for both male and female clothing and the slim fit shirts represent that modern cut, tailored on the body. The slim shirts for men have a slim fit and are ideal for formal occasions and for the free time. The shirt is today a symbol of elegance, an language of non-verbal expression, attentive to the fashion of the moment and to the social context, to the cut, the finishing and the fit.

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