Striped shirt

Certainly suitable for the most formal occasions, the striped shirt is literally spreading in the fashion world, overturning the classic cliché that saw it as a just a symbol of sporty clothing. The stripes, strictly vertical and sought by stylists and designers of world fame, are the subject of a curious and funny makeover.

Shirt with stripes

The style of a man is different from shirt to shirt: stripes, checks, floral or solid colours pattern, it doesn't matter, dressing is a universal language that can make us communicate with those who are around us and experimenting with new combinations is an art form. The striped shirts are today a garment that should never be missed in the male wardrobe, thanks to its ability to better adapt to formal and social occasions and to more informal situations such as the free time. Suitable for the warmer seasons, with lighter shades, but there are shirts perfect for the winter period, that enhance the more refined suit for the man who is attentive to the classic taste

The striped shirt

A shirt with thin stripes expresses its full potential when combined with solid jacket and tie, while for a more sober outfit, large, horizontal or diagonal stripes are not recommended, and that can instead be worn on a pair of jeans, without any tie and during the summer and offer a much more informal style.

Striped shirts for men

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