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Vintage Shirts

Vintage mens shirts

Ideal for the free time, for an evening with friends or an outdoor walk, the vintage mens shirt of the 7camicie collection are the result of the finest tailoring tradition, that combines the fabric quality with an exceptional care for details. Why always wear the same shirts for every occasion? Let's try new combinations and experience new styles for an unusual and sophisticated look. Wear the right model at any time: the vintage mens shirt is a timeless garment. Revive the past, let yourself be conquered by the 7camicie collection and taste the elegance of a past era. Give a touch of fancy and originality to your outfit.

Vintage shirt

Back to the top in recent times, the vintage shirts are having a great success, filling the mens high fashion walkers. No longer a symbol of neglected clothing, the vintage shirt gives the modern man an alternative, elegant and refined way of dressing. The term vintage refers to an object produced at least twenty years before and has now become a cult object capable of expressing taste and ideas of a past time. From the wonderful 1920s through the 1950s and 1960s of the economic boom, the vintage shirts of the 7camicie collection look back to the past, combining a modern attention to detail and to the cut with an immortal vocation to the past.



Eclectic and original, the vintage shirts have that extra touch that can fascinates the man who loves informal, unique and dynamic clothing. Wear the right garment on every occasion of the day and let be conquered by the 7camicie vintage shirts collection.


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