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Women Sky Blue Shirts

Women's sky blue shirt

As well as the classic white shirt, the sky blue one too is a must-have garment in the wardrobe of the woman who loves dressing with style and fashion. Tight or with a regular fit for an androgynous style, the sky blue shirt can be worn both in summer and winter for a glamorous and refined look. Suitable for a romantic date or a day of work, this garment is also perfect for more informal occasions, giving the woman who wears it a unique look and style. Worn with shorts, more or less short skirts or trousers in denim, this blouse can be worn buttoned or with rolled up sleeves and is indicated for the summer period and for an informal style.

Sky blue shirts

For an office look, long trousers, straight skirt or tailleur give a sober and refined image for a classic and traditional clothing. Worn under a jacket for a unique style, this shirt is not afraid of daring combinations and is suitable for multiple uses and several combinations. Giving elegance and femininity, the sky blue shirts of the 7camicie collection are the ideal base for a spring look or a work environment. Worn with ballerinas, shoes with heels or sneakers, this blouse is particularly versatile and suitable for every situation and can also communicate to others positivity and inspire confidence. By highlighting the waist and slimming the figure, this colour is suitable for all the bodies and is a great way to be always tidy and pleasantly refined.



By transmitting calmness and professionalism, the sky blue shirt is a symbol of reflection and creativity, of the self-confident woman, that is satisfied with the world she lives in. Dress yourself with style and try with style: the sky blue shirt is the perfect garment for the modern and charming woman.



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