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Yellow Shirts

Yellow shirt for men

The shirts for men can be chosen not only according to the situation or the context but also reflecting on what we want to express to others. Those who love wearing this colour with its numerous shades, has a dominant, bright and energetic personality, and is able to infect others with their sunny character even on a rainy day. The yellow shirt is suitable for informal occasions, ideal for the summer period and for a day outdoors. The first rule to follow to have a perfect and never out of place combination is to avoid wearing this shirt with orange and green. Midnight blue, black and all the darkest shades can be perfectly combined with this colour gradation.

Yellow shirts

Perfectly combining with a dark and olive-coloured skin tone, yellow has many gradations and each of them can be experimented and worn with both chinos and with a pair of dark jeans. The yellow shirts of the 7camicie collection boast an exceptional care of the details and a versatility that can surprise even the most demanding man. From the Korean collar to the button-down one, with or without double collar, these garments give an attractive and refined look. Would you like a suggestion for a unique and fashionable look? Combine your yellow shirt with a pair of white, grey or black trousers and wear a brown leather belt. The shirt can also be worn on a t-shirt completely buttoned or with the sleeves rolled up for a bold and attracting outfit.




Symbol of light, sun and energy, yellow symbolizes wisdom and joy of living. Those who loves dressing shirts of this colour  give other people an image of friendliness and cheerfulness, showing off a dynamic and always daring look. 


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