Zero Iron 


The Revolution

After years of research and technological innovations, Zero Iron has created the shirt of the future: it is not necessary to iron it and it is perfect all day long.
No more time to lose and no more wrinkled shirts.
With Zero Iron you can work, travel and move yourself while maintaining your style always perfect!

Zero Iron ensures the use of certified fabrics, not harmful for health and skin, tested according to strict quality standards. 
The raw materials and the final textile products do not contain any kind of harmful or toxic substances.
The Zero Iron tests have demonstrated that the technology used respects the eco-environmental criteria in all the steps of the production, from the collection of the natural fibres to the subsequent production steps and to the packaging. 

The Zero IRON PLUS technology allows the natural fibres fabric to repel liquids and stains by creating an imperceptible microfilm to the touch and sight, without renouncing to the comfort and wearability of the traditional shirts. No more ironing, no more stains!

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