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Camisa Mulheres Brancas

White shirts for women

By illuminating the face and slimming the silhouette, the white shirt is a must-have garment for any situation. There are many ways of dressing that can be created starting from a simple white shirt. The most classic clothing, with tallieur with skirt or trousers, is perfect for an elegant and professional office style, and particularly indicated with delicate colours such as grey and navy blue. For a casual everyday style, the white shirt can be matched with a pair of jeans and a jacket, while a pair of shorts can give the woman a modern and attractive look. Worn with a straight skirt, it is particularly suitable for an elegant night during both the summer and the winter.

White shirt for women

With a short skirt, a pair of dark leggings, with sneakers or ballerinas, the white shirt gives an informal and sporty image. Perfect for the summer period, the total white is a timeless evergreen that doesn't stop do fascinate the attentive and charming woman. As a versatile garment for excellence, the white shirt enhances the dark skin tone and can be present in several types and tissues. The high quality and the attention for the details make the white shirt for women of the 7camicie collection same garments that are suitable for every look: a unique garment, perfect for the most daring experimentations and for the most classic ones. Worn since the '20s, the white shirt has revolutionized the way of dressing, becoming a must-have garment for any look.



For the day and for the evening, for the free time and for the work, the white shirt for women is a versatile that must be present in the wardrobe of the elegant woman, attentive to details. Wear your shirt with style and enjoy to create all the combinations you want.



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